Auto Enrolment Solutions PLUS

We understand that in today’s competitive marketplace, with constantly rising costs, businesses need to make sure they are maximising the return on every pound they spend. On top of that, initiatives to retain and attract the right staff in a competitive market can often be complicated, expensive and ultimately ineffective.

The Inspire Employee Portal is designed to remove these problems and, as standard, provides employers with the key elements to achieve these goals.

‘Make your business the employer of choice.’

Employee Lifestyle Rewards – Provides access to over 6,500 discounts. From savings on your weekly shop at the supermarket to clothing and DIY costs, from one off larger purchases including electronic goods to holidays, average savings per employee are between £500 and £1,500 p.a. This benefit effectively enables employers to provide their employees with a ‘free’ pay rise, simply by helping them make their salaries go further.

Total Reward Statements – How often do employers provide additional benefits for employees that are forgotten? Typical examples could be training courses, refreshments and, of course, under the new
rules, employers’ pensions contributions. Unfortunately, all these can be easily forgotten by employees because they’re not shown on their payslips each month.

Total reward statements enable employers to show their employees everything they provide. They help employees appreciate the total value of their complete salary and benefit package and are particularly useful at salary review time.

In addition, Inspire’s ‘electronic payslips’ will enable your employees to securely view and store all of their payslips and P60s in one place, indefinitely.

Money Advice Service – As responsible employers, we all want the best for our employees. The system provides a Money Advice section linked to ‘MAS’, which is the free, unbiased government-run site designed to help people with general queries about their finances. It has many useful tools and calculators.

Child Care Vouchers – These are available to assist employees who have a child in nursery. As well as being an attractive and useful benefit to employees, they reduce your employer’s NI bill.