Inspire is a trading name of Inspire Benefits Limited.

Its origins can be traced back nearly 10 years being born from one of the UK’s largest firms of Chartered Financial Planners. When auto enrolment was first proposed it soon became very apparent that this problem was going to be more about compliance with rules than necessarily pensions and as such a technology solution was going to be key.

‘For Every Problem There Is A Solution’

Technology was the answer for auto enrolment but Inspire had to be different, once the compliance with the new rules was achieved we them approached the problem from another direction to see how this ‘problem’ could then work to the advantage of employers clients our professional partners and the Inspire Hub was born.

With innovative thinking Inspire now provides workplace pension compliance solutions and technology lead employee benefits to companies that are designed to attract and retain the best staff for your business whilst not just minimising the cost of auto enrolment but in many cases producing a positive cash flow benefit.